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24 were killed in Sandy Hook Elementary - Newtown CT.

2012 Tech Year in Review

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Day in Tech History annual year in review post. Just like last year we take a look at what happened the last 365 days. Of course all content will be added to the Wikazine page ( so you can enjoy the podcast episodes for 2013. Jump to: January – February – March – April – May – June – July – August – September – October – November – December 2012 in Review [box]January[/box] January 2 – An error was found in OS X Mail, which discarded attachments for saved messages January 4 – Scott Thompson is...


Podcast Changes – Day in Tech History [Press Release]

Starting Monday, December 3rd, the Day in Tech History podcast will release episodes at 6:30 am every day. The show will continue to be produced 365 days a year. The show will be available on the East Coast for morning consumption by 7 am EST. If you would like to preview the show early, check out the Day in Tech History Wiki. Once the shows are uploaded, they will be available on their respected days on the list. The Day in Tech History is a podcast and blog produced every day. It is a full rundown of technology history. You...