January 7, 1943: Nikola Tesla Passed Away

Jeffrey Powers @geekazine

I love tech history. I enjoy how we evolved from computers that fill a room to computers we wear on our bodies. I have put a full archive of tech history together at Wikazine. You can also talk history at Google +. I am also a podcaster and V-caster at Geekazine and a Podcast Coach at How to Record Podcasts. You can also sign up for a Helpout

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  • Frank D

    Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing company was not an AC company, its was a (failed) Arc lighting company, and it had nothing to do with the “War of Currents”. “War of Currents” started when William Stanley Jr. invented an AC transformer for Westinghouse (in 1885), who then began competing head to head with Edison for domestic power delivery, Tesla had nothing to do with it. Tesla showed up with a motor patent in 1888 but that was not developed into a working motor until 1893, after the “War of Currents” was over.

    Also “Edison electrocuting Topsy” is noted by historians to be an uban myth. That was a 1903 Coney Island stunt pulled off by the owners of Luna Park. There was no “War of Currents” in 1903 and Edison had long since left the electric power business.