March 6, 1986: First Computer Sting Operation

Jeffrey Powers @geekazine

I love tech history. I enjoy how we evolved from computers that fill a room to computers we wear on our bodies. I have put a full archive of tech history together at Wikazine. You can also talk history at Google +. I am also a podcaster and V-caster at Geekazine and a Podcast Coach at How to Record Podcasts. You can also sign up for a Helpout

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  • 1) The arrests occurred March 5th not the 6th
    2) It was called Phreakers Phortress
    3) they could of stayed longer but their cover was blown when the software they used was compromised by the software makers themselves when they used a backdoor to access the data itself.
    4) Define “Convicted” since most were eligible to plead guilty to a single charge in exchange for 6 months on probation, pay a fine and then have the last charge “vacated” by the courts. In short, most got back their computer equipment…