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Aloha from Hawaii 0

January 14, 1973: Live Via Satellite – Elvis!

1973 – Elvis is broadcast via satellite to over 1 billion viewers in over 40 countries. That is, except for the U.S. because Superbowl VII was being played. The U.S. finally got to see the concert on April 4, 1973 on NBC. The show, entitled “Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite”, cost $2.5 million to produce. Presley taped a backup two days prior in case any problems arose. Presley performed many of his hits such as “Burning Love”, “My Way”, “Blue Suede Shoes”, “Hound Dog”, “Suspicious Minds”, and “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. Elvis’ famous jumpsuit from that night can be seen...

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June 4, 1896: Ford Test Drives First Car

1896 – Henry Ford gets ready to test drive the first Quadricycle (a.k.a. Car). Only one problem – They didn’t make the garage door big enough. Out comes the Ax – A couple chops and a wider door was created. The car ran 2 speed, but could not go in reverse. It’s all in the book – the ford century Full Day in Tech History podcast show notes for June 4 Patent for DRAM Nintendo introduced the Game Boy Packard Bell and NEC merge Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe! iTunes | Android | RSS | More Subscribe Options

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January 14, 1914: First Assembly Line Ford Model T Car

1914 – Although the Model T has been around since 1908, the first Ford Model T that was made on an assembly line was completed. This, of course, brought a new wave to the Auto and manufacturing industries. Ford has since been a leader in cars in the US.Interesting side-note: Henry Ford was on the cover of Time Magazine on Jan 14, 1935. Wikazine – Full show notes for January 14 Intel 2.4 GHz processor IBM Data 360 Nortel files Chapter 11 Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe! iTunes | Android | RSS | More Subscribe Options

Kennedy Car Henry Ford Museum

Additional Photos from Henry Ford Museum

I got to walk around the Henry Ford Museum the other week before heading to the North American International Auto Show. Of course I was there earlier in the year and created the post – Visiting the Henry Ford Museum. Here are some additional photos from the museum. Some parts have been added since I was last there. Enjoy! Also check out the LEGO Architecture Exhibit on Dorkazine!  

1952 Weinermobile 0

Visiting the Henry Ford Museum – Sports Cars, Tractors and Wienermobiles!

If you have never been to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan, then you are missing a museum of tech history. More than just cars, Henry Ford was an avid historian. He loved to preserve the past so you could see it in the future. The Henry Ford Museum is also more than just cars. Furniture, tractors, generators – this is only the tip of the iceberg to this place. I had only two hours to look around this place, and I only saw one tenth of the museum. So I am going to show this in parts. Next...