Timeline of the Microprocessor [Infographic]

Sharp LH008A, a Zilog Z80 clone

Back on November 15th, the 4004 microprocessor turned 40. This was the precursor to the x86 architecture. But in what way? Well, the folks over at V3.co.uk have put an infographic together. They highlight the microprocessor from the 4004 to the 8008, the Zilog Z80, ARM, and more to the x86, AMD Athlonand more.

One chip that is missing is the Cyrix series processor. They started out at the co-processor to the 286 and 386 computers. Also missing is the PowerPC processor, which started in 1981 with AIM (Apple, IBM, Motorola).

Still, this is a fun infographic to reminisce about the days of 4K RAM and 2-bit systems.

Here is the Infographic:

Timeline of Microprocessor[/caption]