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Jack Tramiel and Sons

Jack Tramiel and Family – Six Years with Atari

Friend Andy Marken asked to post this great article on Atari with the Tramiels. It was a great insight into Jack Tramiel and family’s life. Of course, if you were a kid growing up in the Atari days (like me), you were always hoping for the new game or program that would keep you fixated on a computer screen for hours. Andy was Atari’s PR those six years. He started in 1986, then was fired and came back for another two. After a second firing, he was then brought back for the final two. His account is much first-hand. So...

1,500 Day in Tech History Episode on 9/09/13

On 9-17-2013, Day in Tech History Hits 1,500 Episodes

  It was Aug 10th, 2009 when the show went from weekly tech history to a daily show. 4 years later on Sept 17th, 2013, the 1,500 episode will air. The Day in Tech History has been podcasting daily – 365 days a year (including leap year days) non-stop.  It is only one of two podcasts that do that. The other is 365 Days of Astronomy. Day in Tech History is on the March for Episode 2,000 which will hit on January 30, 2015. If you want to know what happened on this day in tech history, then check out...

Day in Tech History Now Available for Android Devices

I am happy to announce that Day in Tech History is now available to download from the Amazon web store. The Day in Tech History mobile app includes 365 days worth of tech history content with more extras coming in the months ahead. With the app, you will get the podcast early. Turn on push notifications to let you know when the next episode posts. Of course, Day in Tech History podcast posts EVERY DAY – 365 DAYS a Year since Aug 2009. Download from the Amazon App Store. In the coming days, Day in Tech History will also be...

Kennedy Car Henry Ford Museum

Additional Photos from Henry Ford Museum

I got to walk around the Henry Ford Museum the other week before heading to the North American International Auto Show. Of course I was there earlier in the year and created the post – Visiting the Henry Ford Museum. Here are some additional photos from the museum. Some parts have been added since I was last there. Enjoy! Also check out the LEGO Architecture Exhibit on Dorkazine!