April 16

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Lisp, the programming language that provides the basis for most significant work in the field of artificial intelligence, is first unveiled. Created by John McCarthy, Lisp is the second high-level programming language to come into widespread use, following Fortran.

RFC114 on File Transfer Protocol was proposed by A. Bhushan. [1]

Apple Computer introduces the Apple II, Apple’s first popular microcomputer, at the West Coast Computer Faire. The computer features a 6502 CPU, 4kB RAM, 16kB ROM, a built-in keyboard, an 8-slot motherboard, game paddles, a color display, and built-in BASIC, for the price of US$1,298. It is the first personal computer to feature color graphics.

Commodore International unveils the Commodore PET ==2001==, Commodore’s first full-featured computer, at the West Coast Computer Faire. The PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) includes a MOS Technology 6502 processor, 4kB RAM, 14kB ROM, a built-in keyboard, a 9-inch monochrome display, and a cassette tape drive, for a price of US$595. The model on exhibition is a one of a kind prototype.

Nintendo files four copyright infringement suits in the US and Canada against retailers and distributors accused of selling counterfeit video game cartridges.

Apple Computer, Inc. reports a quarterly loss of US$708 million. The loss includes two significant one-time charges. The first for the acquisition of NeXt Software, Inc. for US$375 million and another US$155 million reserved for future restructuring costs.

Gateway 2000 reveals plans to expand its manufacturing plant in Hampton, Virginia, adding three hundred employees to the present six hundred fifty. The project will increase the plant’s production capacity by fifty percent.

Apple Computer reports a stronger-than-anticipated second quarter profit of US$55 million on US$1.4 billion in revenues. This makes the second sequential quarterly profit for Apple after two years of substantial losses.

America Online membership surpasses 29 million worldwide.

Adobe Systems ships Photoshop 7.0 for Windows and Macintosh computers.

Corel releases the WordPerfect Office 11 software suite, including the WordPerfect word processor, Quattro spreadsheet, and Presentations slide-show software. Price: US$299 or US$149 for an upgrade

Intel releases the 2.5 GHz Pentium 4-M processor, for portable computers. Price: US$562 in 1000-unit quantities

Intel releases the 2.2 GHz Celeron processor, for low-price computers. Price: US$149 in 1000-unit quantities

Intel releases the 1.26 GHz Celeron processor, for mininotebook computers. Price: US$107 in 1000-unit quantities

Yahoo announces they will be closing Jumpcut, an online site that can edit and combine videos.

CEO Eric Schmidt announces that YouTube plans to open a Pay-per-View to sell videos with micropayments and subscriptions.

Ashton Kutcher joins Twitter. To date, he has the most followers at 4.7 million. Only 341 friends, though.

google released an updated camera app for Android 4.4. The app now takes pictures in HDR and a special blur option are added.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner was hacked from SRLabs.

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