April 4

This list was created with hours upon hours of research and dedication. Thank you.

Microsoft is founded as a partnership between Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

IBM announces a new version of the PS/2 Model 30 computer.

Marc Andreessen and James “Jim” Clark incorporate Mosaic Communications Corp, which will later be renamed Netscape Communications Corp. Their original choice for the company’s name was Electric Media. Andreessen developed the software used for browsing the World Wide Web while working at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois.

Apple Computer introduces new Power Macintosh 6500 systems, featuring PowerPC 603e processors ranging from 225 to 300 MHz. Price: US$1800 to US$2999

A group of Canadian hackers calling themselves the Yorkshire Posse attack thirteen major corporate sites, including technology publisher O’Reilly & Associates Inc., Playboy.com, Sonymusic.com, and a Sun Microsystems Inc. customer support site in Canada. The group claims that the thirteen companies were targeted to protest the last April’s arrest of suspected Canadian hacker Jason Mewhiney who allegedly broke into a NASA website, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. The hacked sites were replaced with pages that proclaimed a “declaration of war against all who would challenge the freedom of Canadians with such ludicrous actions!”

As investors attempt to make sense of the recent decision against Microsoft Corporation, technology stocks suffered a panic selling day as Nasdaq experiences its worst level ever, dropping 574 points. This brings the tech-centric index down twenty percent from its high in March.

After a year of development and extensive testing, phpBB 2.0.0, dubbed the “Super Furry” version, is released three days later than intended.

Gmail is integrated into the newly released Google Calendar service.

Craigslist’s CEO Jim Buckmaster, has asked that Tim White, who runs the unofficial Craigslist Blog, turn over his Craigslistblog.org address

The second PC Hunter commercial is released. Giampalo talks about how Mac is about aesthetics rather than computing power

Yahoo! announced 2000 layoffs

Fisker automotive unveiled the Atlantic automobile

Google announced Project Glass – a companion attached to a pair of glasses to give the user an augmented reality.

Apple acquired Speech recognition firm Novauris for an undisclosed sum