April 7

This list was created with hours upon hours of research and dedication. Thank you.

the first radar signal was bounced off the sun from Stanford, California.

IBM announced the IBM System/360 Mainframe computer. This became a family of machines that would bring all businesses into the age of computing [1]

Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia, is born

The Internet’s symbolic birth date: publication of RFC 1

Altair BASIC – Up and Running,” declares the headline of the first edition of MITS Computer Notes.

Oldest human skeleton, aged 80,000 years, discovered in Egypt

Sinclair Sells Computing Business to rival Amstrad for 5 Million Pounds

Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Ft. Myers Florida

IBM acquires The back-office services company ‘Daksh’ – a company based out of India – for $150-200 million. This is the first India company for IBM.

Computer Associates International Inc. yesterday agreed to plunk down $330 million to buy Concord Communications Inc., a contender in the market for network-service management software.

Charles Stergios was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Maine to more than six years in prison for perpetrating an extensive Internet fraud scheme, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in Maine. He was ordered to pay nearly $118,000 in restitution to his victims, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Halsey Frank.

AOL turned on the switch to their VoIP service. Plans started at $13.99/Mo

Sun Lays off 7% of it’s Scalable Systems Group workforce. The division builds servers with up to 72 UltraSparc processors

AMD announces it will cut up to 10% of it’s workforce

Intel launches the ATOM processor – codename: Silverthorne. It is a ATOM Z single processor on a 45nm die running at 800 MHz – 2 GHz. They have a 512KB L2 cache and 533 front side bus.

Yahoo announces it will nix it’s June 10th shareholders meeting because of the Microsoft Yahoo issues.

GM and Segway work a partnership to create a 2 wheel vehicle for city commute

AOL launches a new Web mail beta infused with Microsoft Silverlight.

Kindle owners stage a protest for the up to $10 e-book prices.

The Pentagon announces their cyberattack cleanup initiative cost taxpayers $100 million.

Twitter acquired Cover lockscreen app, an alternative to the lockscreen interface Android offers.

Seagate launched the Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD – the fastest 6 TB hard drive available. Price $450

A bug within OpenSSL called the “Heartbleed” has been vulnerable since 2011. A patch was finally launched on this day.

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