February 11

The IBM Data Processing Division DPD introduces the IBM 1130 computing system. Visit the official IBM website

The RAND Corporation takes the Johnniac Open Shop System (JOSS) out of service. JOSS is a conversational time-sharing service that eases the bottleneck experienced by programmers in a batch environment, in which long delays between sending information to the computer and receiving the results occur.

A Taipei, Taiwan district criminal court dismisses allegations made by Apple Computer that Golden Formosa Microcomputer and Sunrise Computer Service produced and sold bootlegged Apple software products.

Digital Equipment announces that it has ceased production of Rainbow computers.

Franklin Computer, a US electronics manufacturer, emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Visit the official Franklin Computer website.

Texas Instruments (TI) begins volume production of 256KB DRAM chips. Visit the official Texas Instruments website.

Version 0.02 of RemoteAccess BBS is released.

AMD introduces the 850MHz Athlon processor, featuring a 512KB Level-2 cache and a 200MHz Front Side Bus. Price: US$849

Per Lidén releases version 0.5.3 of the CRUX operating system. CRUX is a lightweight Linux distribution optimized for i686 systems, specifically designed for experienced Linux users.

The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reverses an earlier ruling that had prevented Connectix from shipping the Virtual Game Station PlayStation emulator software for the Macintosh.

Public Radio International program The World launches its technology podcast hosted by Clark Boyd. Visit the official The World website.

Reports of a Comcast cap of 200 GB surface

Starbucks announces they will be switching all their stores from T-Mobile to AT&T wireless service.

Blackberry suffers a 3 hour outage of their service.

Blockbuster to Add Video Games to their web rental system.

Yahoo! decided to reject Microsoft’s offer as “substantially undervaluing” Yahoo!’s brand, audience, investments, and growth prospects.

Microsoft and Nokia announce a partnership as Nokia continues to update their phone software to produce smart phones.

Apple requested a ban on sales in the US of Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus. Apple cites patent violations.

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