February 2

A polygraph machine, or lie detector, is tested for the first time by detective Leonard Keeler in Portage, Wisconsin to examine two criminals named Cecil Loniello and Tony Grignano, who are subsequently convicted of assault at a trial in which the results of the polygraph test are introduced as evidence.

The first Buck Rogers toy atomic pistol is manufactured for the American Toy Fair. Price: 89¢

Edwin Land demonstrates the first PolaroidEdwin H. Land gives the first demonstration of instant photography at a meeting of the Optical Society of America. His 40 series, model 95 Polaroid Land Camera will go on sale on November 28, 1948, at a Boston department store for US$89.75. This first model will become the first commercially successful self-developing camera system. The sepia-colored photograph it took required about one minute to develop.

The first presidential news conference ever aired on network television is given by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on the ABC network.

For the first time in four hundred years, the planets Neptune and Pluto align.

The GI Joe action figure is first released by Hasbro.

David Plummer, age 14, scores 7,119,700 points on Atari’s Tempest after playing the game for six hours and thirty minutes at Midtown Amusements in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

After a loss of $61 million over the Christmas season, Apple Computer replaces Michael Spindler with Gil Amelio as CEO. Amelio will proceed to radically streamline the company’s operations. He will reduce the number of Macintosh motherboard designs from five to two, consolidate Apple’s six hardware architectures into a single core Mac system, and reorganizes the company into two divisions: AppleSoft for software development and Macintosh for hardware development. Visit the official website of Apple Computer.

AOL completes the acquisition of Compuserve and the sale of ANS Communications. Steve Case, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AOL sends an email to Compuserve members reading, …Now that Compuserve has joined with us, I want to assure you that we will maintain Compuserve as a separate service, here and internationally, running on its own network…

The website of PC Concepts is hacked by zipoff & Hosser.

Sun Microsystems begins shipping the SunPCi expansion card for Sun Ultra workstation computers, featuring an AMD 300MHz K6-2 processor, the Caldera DR-DOS operating system, 256MB – 645MB RAM, Sound Blaster sound, serial/parallel/USB ports, and 24-bit graphics. Applications running on the card can access the workstation’s drives and network connection. Visit the official Sun Microsystems website. Price: US$495.

The website of the Colombia Department Nacional de Planificación is hacked by KabraLzZ.

The website of the Partizan Football Club is hacked by SoiraM.

Hewlett-Packard announces the development of the first crossbar latch nanoscale transistor, which they claim

UPN announces that it is canceling the series Star Trek: Enterprise at the end of its fourth season.

Tiger Telematics, the manufacturer of the Gizmondo handheld video game system, files for bankruptcy.

Google launches Google Earth 5.0 and Google Ocean

Google showed off the Honeycomb OS 3.0. This version enabled tablet support and holigraphic user interface.

Apple loses a preliminary ban on Galaxy 10.1N and Nexus for patent infringement.