February 22

Popcorn is introduced to the Pilgrims by an Indian named Quadequina, who delivered it to them in deerskin bags as his contribution to the first Thanksgiving dinner. Indians had been growing popcorn for more than a thousand years before the arrival of European colonists.

National Cash Registers (NCR) becomes the first company ever prosecuted under US antitrust laws. Antitrust laws will later play a significant role in the computer and telecommunications industries. Among the top executives of NCR is Thomas J. Watson, who will later found of International Business Machines. Visit the official NCR website.

Seventeen American and Japanese companies form a group to support a three inch floppy disk and drive, with a capacity of 500,000 bytes.

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking publicly denounces the Star Wars project a deliberate fraud.

Disney launches the Disney.com website to provide a travel guide for its Disneyland and Walt Disney World amusement parks.

In Roslin, Scotland, scientists announce that they have successfully cloned an adult sheep named Dolly. It was cloned from an adult somatic cell, through the process of nuclear transfer. Read more about Dolly at the website of the Roslin Institute.

AMD releases the 400MHz K6-III processor, featuring a 64KB Level-1 cache, a 256KB Level-2 cache, 3DNow! graphics instructions, and Direct X 6.0 support. The processor incorporates 21.3 million transistors in a 0.25-micron process. In some tests, it outperforms the soon-to-be released Pentium III processor from Intel, which dominates the processor industry. The processor is based on 100Mhz Super Socket 7 motherboards, an improvement on the 66MHz buses on which previous AMD chips have been based. This helps its performance when compared to Intel’s Pentium II – which also uses a 100MHz bus speed. Code-name: Sharptooth

The First Internet Bank of Indiana opens, becoming the first full-service bank accessible only through the Internet. Visit the official website of the First Internet Bank of Indiana.

HPW-600ET Hitachi announces the HPW-600ET tablet-style handheld computer, featuring a Hitachi 128MHz SH-4 processor, a 7.5-inch color display, Windows CE, and a modem. Price: US$1199

AMD releases the 550MHz K6-2 processor. Price: US$189

District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson compares the Microsoft Corporation to the monopoly once held by Standard Oil. Judge Jackson says that he sees little difference between the Windows operating system and the nineteenth century oil monopoly. Copyright does not protect the conduct with which your company is charged, Jackson tells John Warden, Microsoft’s lead attorney.

Palm-IIIcPalm Computer introduces the Palm IIIc handheld computer, featuring a 20MHz Motorola Dragonball EZ processor, 8MB RAM, and version 3.5 of the Palm OS. Price: US$449

Palm Computer introduces the Palm IIIxe handheld computer, which is nearly identical to the Palm IIIx, but with 8MB RAM. It features a 16MHz Motorola 68328EZ Dragonball processor, 8MB RAM, and version 3.5 of the Palm OS. Price: US$249

Texas Instruments (TI) introduces two new Digital Signal Processor (DSP) microchips designed for wireless high-speed Internet access, the C64x and the C55x.

Via introduces the Cyrix III processor, in 400 and 433MHz speeds with system bus speeds of 100, 124, and 133MHz. Via expects to begin shipping the processor in April. Code-name: Joshua Prices: US$89 and US$99

Apple Computer introduces a new line of iMacs featuring CD-RW drives, FireWire ports, iMovie, iTunes, up to 40GB hard drives, and up to 600MHz PowerPC G3 processors. The new iMac line comes in two new patterns, Blue Dalmatian and Flower Power, as well as the two most popular iMac colors, Graphite and Indigo. Visit the official iMac website.

The Quintus Corporation files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and announces a deal in which Avaya will acquire the company. Quintus acquired Mustang Software, the developers of Wildcat! BBS Software, in 2000.

Microsoft releases a Special-Edition Xbox video game system in Japan. It features a distinctly colored, smoke-black translucent case, an HDTV adapter, Dolby 5.1 audio, and includes a key chain embossed with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates’ signature. Bill Gates hands the first Xbox sold in Japan to Atsushi Ishizaka. ¥39,800 (about US$300)

Version 3.0.4 of the Scientific Linux Fermi LTS operating system is released. Visit the official Fermi Linux website.

Apple and Cisco announce an agreement under which both companies will use the iPhone name worldwide. Cisco acquired the iPhone trademark in June 2000, with the acquistion of the InfoGear Technology Corporation. In October of 2006, Apple had been granted trademarks in Australia and Singapore.

Paul Liska Joins Motorola as the CFO

Yahoo Board members are starting to put legal action into the Microsoft bid so it can be reviewed properly.

Gawker puts the gossip site Defamer up for sale.

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