February 27

After a little more than five years, Apple Computer announces its intentions to discontinue development of the Newton Operating System as well as Newton OS-based products which includes MessagePad 1200 and EMate 300. Instead, mobile products using Mac OS technology will be developed for release in 1999. According to Steve Jobs, who still fills the role as acting Chief Executive Officer, Apple must now focus on developing the Macintosh, which is once again Apple’s only computing platform.

BEB Enterprises’ website (www.localafffairs.com) and Hypermall (athena.hypermall.com) are hacked by The Noid and TechVoodoo.

FBI agents catch a fifteen year old student of Cloverdale High School in California who allegedly has hacked into eleven United States military computers earlier in the past month. Bill Zane, president of Netdex, is credited with helping to identify several intruders, including the boy, who hid behind Netdex while implementing their attacks. On a radio talk show early the following week, Zane will state that one of the boys wrote him a note requesting a job. Zane said the note was poorly composed and riddled with bad grammar. Allegedly, the boys used hacking tools that were readily available on the Internet.

Napier University, in Edinburgh, UK us hacked by Magica de Bin.

Netscape makes the source code for the Netscape Communicator 5.0 browser available as a free download. Read the original press release. See a screenshot online.

Intel announces a new addition to its family of low-power processors for small mobile computers. The Low Voltage mobile Pentium III processor 700 MHz featuring Intel SpeedStep technology delivers the best performance, lowest power consumption, and longest battery life to mini-notebooks weighing less than three pounds.

Java 2 (v1.4.1_02) is released.

John Sankus, Jr., age 28, of the piracy group DrinkOrDie, an underground software cracking and warez trading network, pleads guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement. He will be sentenced in May to forty-six months in federal prison.

The European Union fined Microsoft 1.35 billion for the items mentioned on the 26th

About.com CEO Scott Meyer Steps down.

Several Chinese men are suing Yahoo’s Hong Kong subsidiary claiming they were harmed because of Yahoo’s cooperation with the Chinese government. One was imprisoned and others were extremely fined.

After a 2006 acquisition, Google finally re-launches ‘Jot-spot’ – a wiki-style platform.

The total tab for Microsoft – Yahoo buy: $79 million

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