February 5

Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments (TI) files a patent application for miniaturized electronic circuits. Kilby’s device connects several transistors by flying wires.

A hydrogen bomb known as the Tybee Bomb is lost by the US Air Force off the coast of Savannah, Georgia, never to be recovered. Read more at the Tybee Bomb website.

The NASA Lunar Orbiter 3 is launched. It will orbit the Moon, in order to photograph its far side for potential Apollo 12 landing sites, before impacted on command.

The NASA manned lunar lander Antares of Apollo 14 lands near the Fra Mauro region of the Moon, where the crew will collect 42.9 kilograms of lunar samples using a hand cart, completing the aborted mission of the Apollo 13. The crew of the lunar lander consists of Commander Alan Shepard and Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell who walk on the Moon for four hours.

The NASA space probe Mariner 10 returns the first close-up photos of the cloud structure and circulation of Venus. It flies past the planet for a gravity assist to the planet Mercury. Mariner 10 is the first probe sent to explore two planets in a single mission, as well as the first spacecraft to have an imaging system.

Namco enters into an agreement with Warner Communications to acquire a controlling interest in the coin-operated game division of Atari Games for about US$10 million.

The board of commissioners of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) takes a vote on whether or not to charge Microsoft with allegedly colluding with IBM in unfair trade practices. The vote results in a 2-2 split that results in no action being taken. Visit the official FTC website.

Gilbert Amelio officially assumes his duties as the Chairman of Apple Computer. Visit the official website of Apple Computer.

Netscape Communications releases version 2.0 of the Netscape Navigator web browser, featuring support for 3D graphics, Java Applets, JavaScript, and streaming audio. Visit the official website of Netscape Navigator. Price: US$49

Nintendo announces that a a chip shortage will delay the release of it 64-bit video game system to the US market until September 30. Visit the official Nintendo website.

AOL suffers another service blackout beginning at 5:10pm Eastern Time and lasting for as long as two hours for many subscribers. The blackout is cause by a new version of the system’s software which was installed earlier in the day. Visit the official AOL website.

Members of the infamous German hacking group Chaos Computer Club group demonstrates an ActiveX utility that allows hackers to remotely access copies of the Intuit accounting software Quicken to transfer money between bank accounts, circumventing the software’s normal password security systems. Visit the official Chaos Computer Club website.

The source code of the Bliss virus, which effects Linux computers, is posted on Usenet by its author. Read more about the Bliss Virus.

The website of Chocolate Chip Cookies is hacked by Kalony.

The online Victoria’s Secret fashion show attracts over 1.5 million visitors, becoming the first major webcast on the Internet. Visit the official Victoria Secret’s website.

The website of Altavista Careers is hacked anonymously.

The website of Crime Watch S.A. is hacked by #Dorknet.

The website of Sony Entertainment Television India is hacked by mOs [ Muslim Online Syndicate ].

Microsoft announces that its next operating system will be called Windows XP, and Microsoft Office 10 will be branded as Office XP. XP name is short for experience. Visit the official Windows XP website.

The American video game publisher Midway closes its West Coast office in Milpitas, California. Visit the official Midway website.

The Nokia N-gageNokia introduces the N-Gage hand held game system in London, England, and Sydney, Australia. It features cell phone functionality, wireless connectivity, a web browser, a music player, and an FM radio. Games are held on 3.4MB capacity MultiMedia Cards. The unit will be on sale by year’s end. Over three million units will be sold by July 30, 2007. Visit the official N-Gage website.

Version 2 (v1.5.0) of the Java programming language is released.

Lenovo CEO William Amelio resigns at the end of his 3-year contract.

Steve Wozniak joins Fusion-io as chief scientist

Susan Wojcicki was named Head of Youtube. Wojcicji was the senior VP of ads and commerce at Google.

Google was ordered to remove their mystery barge from San Francisco’s Treasure Island. The barge did not have the necessary permits.