January 14

Rolla Neil Harger, inventor of the Drunk-o-meter (the first breathalyzer test) was born. You blew into a balloon, then the air was passed into a solution that determined blood alcohol level.

George Cooke received a patent for a Gas burner

Henry Ford introduces the assembly line for Model T Ford cars. The method of continuous motion method reduces the time spent assembling a car from twelve and a half hours to ninety-three minutes.

The IBM Data Processing Division (DPD) releases the IBM DATA/360, a new program product that simulates the functions of the IBM 29 keypunch and IBM 59 verifier to enter data from an IBM 2260 display station to an IBM 2311 or 2314 storage device, bypassing punch cards.

Elvis’ concert from Hawaii was broadcast via satellite and set a record as the most watched broadcast by an individual entertainer in TV history.

Corel announces that it has licensed Netscape Communicator in order to integrate it with the Corel Office Professional 8 and Wordperfect Suite 8 office suites.

The US Government announces that restrictions on exporting Cryptography are relaxed (although not removed). This allows many US Companies to stop the long-standing process of having to create separate US and International editions of software.

Intel introduces the 2GHz mobile Celeron processor. Price: US$149

Intel introduces the 2.4GHz Pentium 4-M processor for portable computers. Price: US$562

Intel introduces the 900MHz and 933MHz Pentium III-M low-power mobile processors.

Intel introduces the 800 and 866 MHz Celeron low-power mobile processors.

Oracle announced they have cut 500 jobs due to the economy.

Nortel files Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

A Hackintosh video that appeared on Wired.com was taken down after Apple sued them.

Steve Jobs announced in an internal memo he would be taking a six month leave of absence. It was later revealed he underwent a liver transplant.

Google adds image usage rights to search terms

Kim Dotcom enters the New Zealand election with a new organization called “Megaparty”