January 23

The first public X-Ray – at a public lecture, Wilhelm Roentgen photographed Dr. Albert von Kolliker’s hand.

Robert Noyce of Texas Instruments conceives the idea of an integrated circuit. In 1968, Noyce will found Intel with Gordon Moore and Andy Grove.

The A-TeamThe television show The A-Team begins its first season on the NBC.

Apple Computer introduces the Macintosh Office, which included the first Appletalk network and the LaserWriter laser printer. A US$50 kit will be available for connecting a Macintosh to the 230 kbps Appletalk network. The LaserWriter is priced at US$6995.

Apple Computer officially renames the Lisa 2/10 computer to Macintosh XL. Price: US$3995

The television series Seinfeld debuts on NBC.

Apple Computer, Inc. Chairman, Mike Markkula opens Apple’s annual shareholders meeting. Amidst rumors of takeovers, sales, merges and layoffs, Markkula admits the company faces serious problems.

Sun Microsystems ships the Java 1.0 development kit.

In Dallas, Texas, Texas Instruments announces it will sell its notebook computer business to the Acer Group of Taiwan.

Sega Enterprises, Ltd. and the Bandai Company announce that plans to merge effective Wednesday, October 1, 1997 have been approved by the boards of both companies. The two companies will be named Sega Bandai, Ltd. The merger will involve a US$1.08 billion stock swap.

Sony Computer Entertainment introduces the PocketStation handheld video game system in Japan. Games are downloaded from the PlayStation in a new format. Price: US$25

Microsoft and Sun Microsystems settle their Java lawsuit. Microsoft will pay Sun US$20 million, and is permanently prohibited from using the Java compatible trademark on its products. The Sun-Microsoft licensing agreement will be terminated, but Microsoft is permitted to use a version of Java in its products for the next seven years.

Transvirtual Technologies releases the PocketLinux operating system for handheld computers.

NEC introduces the VersaPro Tablet PC in Japan. It features a 10.4-inch screen, the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system, a 933 MHz Intel Pentium III processor, 256 MN RAM, a 20 GB hard drive, and 802.11b wireless communications. Weight: 2.2 pounds. Price: 296,000 yen (about US$2500) in Japan.

Ebay CEO Meg Whitman steps down after 10 years.

Apple reached a $22.5 million settlement in a class action iPod nano suit filed in october 2005. It alleges that Apple’s iPod nano was prone to scratches and alleged defects were not disclosed by the company.

After seeing that Sarah Richardson had changed her Facebook profile to single ex-husband Edward went to her home and stabbed her to death. He then tried to commit suicide, however he failed. Edward was sentenced to 17 years prison. The couple were separated.

YouTube announces they have over 4 billion daily video views

The Supreme Court rules that police must obtain a warrant to track a person via GPS.

Lenovo Acquires the Server side of IBM for $2.3 billion. Any device in the x86 portfolio including BladeCenter and Flex System will be acquired by Lenovo. IBM will retain the System Z mainframes, Power-based Flex servers and other appliances.