March 10

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Art Cancro, using the web handle IGnatius T. Foobar, lauches the Uncensored! bulletin board system (BBS) on an Altos 586 UNIX System, running a customized version of the Citadel BBS Software called Citadel/UX. The BBS will outlive nearly all of its contemporaries, shutting off dial-up access in 2001, but maintaining a web presence. Visit the official Uncensored! BBS.

3DO announces that Goldstar and Samsung Electronics have been licensed to manufacture 3DO Interactive Multiplayer video game systems.

The sysop of The Davy Jones Locker bulletin board system (BBS), Richard D. Kenadek of Millbury, Massachusetts, is sentenced in US District Court to six months’ home detention and two years’ probation for violating copyright laws with his BBS. Charges were filed in August 1994, following a 1992 raid, and in December 1994, Kenadek pleaded guilty to one of the two charges brought against him.

AOL announces the acquisition of Lightspeed Media, Inc., a producer of Internet-based soap operas and other internet video programs.

Netscape Communications Corp. announces a third generation of its web browser software. The new software focuses on extranets, or private Internet connections between companies. Visit the official Netscape Navigator website.

Sony files three requests with the San Francisco Federal District Court, regarding Connectix’s Virtual GameStation product. Sony demands that Connectix cease use of the PlayStation BIOS, deliver all copies of the BIOS to Sony, and give Sony all prototypes of the Windows version of the software. The court rejects all requests.

The NASDAQ stock market index peaks at 5132.52, signaling the beginning of the end of the dot-com boom. Read more about the peak in an article at The New York Times.

The value of Sony Corporation stock drops 2.67 percent to 27,350 yen by midday following an announcement is made by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) revealing that the company has received numerous complaints in regard to the performance of the PlayStation 2 video game system. According to the complaints, the system’s video disk player doesn’t work properly. The company announces that it is investigating whether the issue is technical or a misunderstanding on the part of consumers. Reuters news service speculates that the system may need to be recalled, but a Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA) spokesperson denies that there is any problem whatsoever.

In Japan, Sony announces the Clié PEG-NR70 and PEG-NR70V handheld computers, featuring a 66MHz Motorola Dragonball SuperVZ processor, 16MB RAM, a 3.8-inch 320×480 pixel 16-bit color screen, a digital audio player, a keyboard, the Palm OS, a Memory Stick slot, rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries, and a remote control software and infrared port. The PEG-NR70 will go on sale March 23. The PEG-NR70V will also include a built-in digital camera, and it will go on sale April 13. Weight: 7 ounces

Sony Clie PEG-TG50Sony announces the Sony Clié PEG-TG50 handheld computer, featuring a 320×320 backlit color screen, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a built-in keyboard, the Palm OS 5 operating system, and a voice recorder. The device will be available for sale in the US later in March. Price: US$400 Weight: 6.2 ounces

Sony announces the Sony Clié PEG-SJ22 handheld computer, as a replacement for the SJ30. Price: US$200

Sony announces the Sony Clié PEG-SJ33 Limited Edition handheld computer, available with an orange or blue case. Price: US$300.

Vector Capital announces that it has reached an agreement with Microsoft under which Vector Capital will acquire Microsoft’s twenty-three million shares of Corel stock for approximately US$13 million.

Google Releases Android 1.1

Billy Corgan tells congress that broadcast radio should share money on songs with the performers.

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