March 11

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ConnNet, the nation’s first local public packet switching network, is launched in Connecticut. The network can be used to access a number of services, and corporations could use the network to provide their employees mainframe access at home.

Apple Computer discontinues the Macintosh IIcx, featuring a 16MHz Motorola 68030 processor, 1 – 2MB RAM (expandable to 128MB), and the System 6.0.5 OS. The system was introduced on March 7, 1989, and it gained popularity among Mac enthusiasts because its components could be snapped into place without screws. Price: US$5369

At the CeBIT trade show in Hannover, Germany, Eiger Labs releases the first portable digital audio player, the MPMan F10, in North America. It is the first in a long series of what will be called MP3 Players to hit the market. It features a 32MB capacity capable of holding up to eight songs, which is expandable to 64MB, and it operates on one AA battery. It’ll end up as a commercial failure due to the release of the technologically superior Rio PMP300 later in the month for fifty dollars less. Price: US$250 Weight: 2oz

Infosys, a leading information technology services firm, becomes the first Indian company to be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Visit the official Infosys website.

Version 0.6 of the CRUX operating system is released. Crux is designed to be a lightweight, i686-optimized Linux distribution for experienced Linux users.

The Earth Simulator Center (ESC) in Kanazawa, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan opens after nearly seventeen months of construction. The facility houses the Earth Simulator, the fastest supercomputer in the world, which is capable of performing 35.86 trillion floating-point calculations per second. The system was developed by JAERI, JAMSTEC, and NASDA by NEC to run global climate simulations to predict the impact of global warming. The system will remain the world’s fastest computer until 2004.

Toshiba Computer Systems introduces the Pocket PC e750 handheld computer, featuring a 400MHz Intel XScale PXA255 processor, 96MB RAM, a CompactFlash II slot, a Secure Digital slot, and built-in Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. Price: US$599

Hewlett-Packard HP agrees to acquire TruLogica, a developer of IT software.

Apple Computer joins the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), the consortium that develops and licenses the Blu-Ray format. Visit the official Blu-Ray Disc Association website.

In the United States, Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins three weeks early, due to the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and it will end a week later than usual, on the first Sunday of November. The Act was inspired by similar bills introduced in Great Britain during WWI to conserve coal.

Microsoft announces their app store plans – $99 / year to submit an application and the creator gets 70% of the proceeds

Apple releases iTunes 8.1

An earthquake of 8.9 and tsunami following hit Japan at 3 PM (1 AM EST).

DOJ wins access to WikiLeaks Twitter accounts.

Apple releases the iPad2. Since the majority of tech bloggers were at SXSW, Apple opens a special store just so they could purchase the iPad