March 15

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The IBM Data Processing Division (DPD) introduces the IBM 1050 data communications system. Visit the official IBM website.

The IBM Data Processing Division (DPD) introduces the IBM 1450 bank data processing system specifically designed for small banks. Visit the official IBM website.

The first Unix manual page for cc, the C programming language compiler, is published.

The Videotex Gateway trial is launched in Los Angeles, California by the Times-Mirror. Videotex is one of the first end-user information systems. It will end on December 31.

A Taipei, Taiwan, high court upholds Apple Computer’s charge against Golden Formosa Microcomputer and Sunrise Computer Service of manufacturing and selling pirated copies of patented Apple software products.

IBM Japan announces the IBM 5550 Multistation in Japan, featuring an 8MHz Intel 8086 microprocessor, 256KB RAM (expandable to 512KB), up to three 640KB capacity floppy drives, and a 1024×768 graphics monochrome display. Price: US$4,200-10,000
1985 becomes the first registered domain.

Antic Software publishes the first issue of Amiga Plus magazine.

Henk Rogers makes an offer to acquire the rights to develop a console version of Tetris on behalf of Nintendo. While the details of the offer will remain undisclosed, it is high enough that Mirrorsoft will not attempt to match it. Read more about the history of Tetris.

Adobe Systems Inc., developer of leading graphics editing programs, and Aldus Corporation, developer of the PageMaker desktop publishing program, announce that they will merge.

In Seattle, Washington, the GameWorks video arcade opens. The arcade is a joint venture between DreamWorks, Sega Enterprises of Japan, and Universal Studios. The arcade’s main attraction is the Vertical Reality interactive game, which was designed by Steven Spielberg. Up to twelve players are seated around columns of three video screens, and, as opponents are shot, players are elevated. The object of the game is to reach the top.

Apple Computer opens stores within stores in all one hundred forty-nine CompUSA chain stores across the country, addressing the long-standing complaints of Mac users over the lack of selection at most local retailers.

Microsoft releases Office 98 (Office 8.0) for Mac OS X. The suite includes Word 98, Excel 5, and PowerPoint 98. Visit the official Office Mac website.

MicroStrategy, Inc. announces that its majority share holder, billionaire Michael Saylor, plans to donate US$100 million to launch a free online university.

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Connectix settle their legal battle over Connectix’s PlayStation 2 emulator with an agreement that Sony will acquire all assets related to the software, so that the two companies can jointly develop it.

Version 2.2 of the backdoor program SubSeven is released. The program allows crackers to execute a number of tasks on a target, including modifying the registry, retrieving passwords, and transferring files. Visit the official Sub7 website. Visit the Sub7 Legends website.

Cisco acquires WebEx for $3.2 Billion

Sophos adds the option to block anyone from using Second Life.

A 3 Million Year Old Mastadon Skeleton was put up for Auction on eBay. Minnimum bid – $115,000. I am not sure if someone bought it.

Digg and Milk co-founder Kevin Rose joins Google to head it’s Ventures division

Just days before its release, Mozilla scraps the “Metro” version of Firefox for Windows 8.