March 16

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Robert Goddard launches the first US liquid-fuel rocket in a field in Auburn, Massachusetts. The rocket is an experimental model of Goddard’s own design which places the rocket ahead of its fuel tank, shielded from flame by a metal cone. The design is intended to provide the rocket with greater stability, but it failed to function as it was intended to. [1]

The Monday, March 16 issue of Fortune magazine features an article entitled, The house that Jack built. In it, Sam Tramiel appears in a picture with an Atari game system captioned, Atari president Sam Tramiel is shooting for sales of $1 billion by 1990.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) announces that it will extend its network to Europe over a high-speed data link, which will mark the first time the internet is accessible outside U.S. borders. Visit the official NSF website.

Ward Cunningham invites a colleague via email to become the first user of what he called the WikiWikiWeb, the world’s first Wiki, a database that can be edited and enlarged by any user. Cunningham dubbed the database wiki for the Hawaiian word for quick because it was built in the hope that the system might speed up the transfer of documentation and ideas between collaborating programmers. Six years later, the concept will explode in popularity when Wikipedia is launched.

The FreeBSD Project releases version 2.2 of the FreeBSD operating system. Visit the official Free BSD website.

Apple Computer releases Mac OS X Server 1.0 and a preview version of Mac OS X for developers. Server 1.0 is the first operating system released by Apple to be based off NeXT. Visit the official Mac OS X Server website.

The Samsung Electronics Company announces that they have begun producing a 256Mb synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) chips. The company projects sales of between two and three million units in the first year. Visit the official Samsung website.

Palm announces that it has established a company to market its handheld computers and operating system in a Japan. Visit the official Palm website.

Hitachi unveils the humanoid robot EMIEW (Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate) to compete with Honda’s ASIMO and Sony’s QRIO. The robot, which, unlike it’s competitors, is equipped with wheels rather, is the world’s quickest-moving robot, with a top speed of 3.7 miles per hour (6km/h). Hitachi claims that the robots could be trained for practical use in factories and offices in as little as five years. Read more at the BBC. Visit the official EMIEW website.

In a War Game strategy from a London school – students pit MySpace against YouTube. The winner.. MySpace.

Microsoft announces they will license Adobe’s Flash Lite on their Windows Mobile handsets.

After a series of passwords on Comcast were leaked, Comcast suspended the accounts until they were reclaimed.

The Sci-Fi channel announces they will become SyFy.

William Shatner announces that he will take on Facebook with his new social network A social network for the arts.

Texas jury finds that Microsoft willfully infringed on patents related to virtual private network technology, awarding plaintiff VirnetX $105 million.

Christopher Viatafa decided to Google his name to see what came up. The result: a listing of him as one of northern California’s most wanted. The report said he fired shots at a private party on August 8, 2013.