March 25

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The first Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference (CFP) is held Monday, March 25 through Thursday, March 28 in Burlingame, California. CFP is an annual academic conference held to discuss the intersection of computer technology, freedom, and privacy issues. Visit the official Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference website.

Version 2.1 of the NEXTSTEP operating system is released.

Microsoft releases Excel 4.0. Excel is the latest in a line of business applications that have made computers increasing more appealing to the mainstream public. Excel is based heavily on VisiCalc, the earliest commercial computerized spreadsheet, which was written by Dan Bricklin and Ed Frankston and released for the Apple II in 1979.

Ward Cunningham launches the first wiki on the internet, the WikiWikiWeb. A wiki is a software application which allows users to collaboratively create, edit, link, and organize reference content online.

The JTS Corporation reports a shockingly low net profit of US$65,000 on revenues of US$20.1 million. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tom Mitchell, reveals that the company can no longer meet the criteria to remain listed on the American Stock Exchange.

AOL and eBay unveil an agreement to cross-market to each other’s customers. AOL will becomes the officially endorsed internet service provider (ISP) of eBay and eBay listings and message boards will become accessible through AOL.

The Comcast cable company purchases TechTV channel from Vulcan Programming, Inc. Comcast will merge the channel with its own G4 gaming channel to form G4TechTV, which will premiere on Friday, May 28th. Visit the official Comcast website.

Blue Gene/L, the world’s fastest supercomputer, reaches a processing speed of 135.5 trillion calculations a second, beating its own previous world record. Read more at BBC News.

Intel releases the 1733MHz Celeron M 530 processor, featuring a 1024KB Level-2 Cache and a 533MHz Front Side Bus. Visit the official Intel website. Price: US$134

Apple receives patents for the iMac and the scroll wheel.

O’Reilly books publishes iPhone – Open Application Development which basically shows people how to hack the iPhone.

Comcast and Cox agree to cooperate with RIAA anti-piracy.