March 27

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San Jose, California became the temporary Capital of California as it gained statehood into the U.S. Although it didn’t stay the state’s Capital, it did become the “Capital of Silicon Valley”.

The first successful long distatnce telephone conversation betewwn Bell and Watson. The conversation happened between Boston and New York by a wire that stayed up and running for ninety minutes.

The first mobile computer center, a UNIVAC Solid-State 90 computer loaded into a motor van, is used by the Douglas Aircraft Corporation in Charlotte, North Carolina. The mobile center was created by Remington Rand UNIVAC, a division of Sperry Rand.

Bill Gates, age 20, gives the opening address at the First Annual World Altair Computer Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico. [1]

Pac-Man FeverThe Jerry Buckner and Gary Garcia album Pac-Man Fever peaks at the number nine position on the pop singles charts. Read the lyrics of Pac-Man Fever.

Microsoft releases version 4.0 of Microsoft Excel for Windows in the US. Visit the official Microsoft Excel website. Price: US$495

Intel releases the 120MHz version of the Pentium processor. Visit the official Intel website.

Twenty-three year old Harvard graduates Tony Hsieh and Sanjay Madin found LinkExchange, a popular internet advertising cooperative. In November 1998 LinkExchange will be acquired by Microsoft for US$265 million. Visit the official LinkExchange website.

Gateway 2000, Inc. announces that the company has made an offer to acquire the assets of Amiga Technologies, a pioneer in multimedia solutions and operating systems technology, including all patents, trademarks and trade names. Amiga is a subsidiary of ESCOM AG, a German-based computer manufacturer that entered bankruptcy in July of 1996. Amiga Technologies will be renamed Amiga International, and the company will be operated as a separate business unit under its current president, Petro Tyschtschenko. The acquisition will be finalized May 16. Visit the official Amiga website.

The FDA approves Viagra – the first pill for E.D.

3dfx Interactive, Inc., announces plans to acquire the privately-held GigaPixel Corporation, which specializes in the design, development, and licensing of 3D core technology, for US$186 million. GigaPixel technology will make it possible for the 3dfx Interactive to produce 3D displays with relatively low memory bandwidth and low power requirements without high costs.

Electronics Arts Inc., Nintendo, and Sega Enterprises, Ltd. file a suit in United States District Court against Yahoo!alleging that Yahoo!knowingly hosts and profits from online auctions of illegally pirated video games.

Microsoft reduces the number of messages people using its free Hotmail webmail service can send daily from five hundred to one hundred in an attempt to discourage spammers from using Hotmail accounts to send unwanted messages. Visit the official Hotmail website.

Adobe Systems releases Adobe Contribute CS3 (4.1) for the Mac OS X and Windows. Visit the official Contribute website.

Adobe Systems releases the html editor Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 (9.) for the Mac OS X and Windows. Visit the official Dreamweaver website.

TorrentSpy – a popular Bittorrent site – Shuts down

Chicago Tribune reports that the current downturn of the economy has forced some to downgrade to dial-up or ditch the service altogether for a Library connection

Photo app Instagram surpassed Twitter use on smartphones. 35 million use Instagram at least once a month.

Microsoft launches Office for iPad and will be available via subscription.

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