March 7

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The game Monopoly is created and trademarked by Charles Darrow in Atlantic City. It is preceded by several other real estate games. The first, called The Landlord’s Game, was invented by Lizzie Magie of Virginia (patented 1904). In it, players rented properties, paid utilities and avoided Jail as they moved around the board. Darrow set about creating his own version, modeled on his favorite resort, Atlantic City. He introduced several innovations in his game, which had a circular, cloth board. He color-coded the properties and deeds for them, and allowed properties to be bought, not just rented. The playing pieces were modeled on items from around his own house. The game will be mass marketed by Parker Brothers in 1935.

Scientists discover a ring around Jupiter while examining photographs taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft. The rings of Saturn were discovered in 1610. Astronomers had discovered rings around Uranus in 1977.

An eighteen year old is stabbed to death at Disneyland. It is the first homicide committed in the park.

Spike TV begins broadcasting as The Nashville Network (TNN). Visit the official Spike TV website.

Richard G. Wittman Jr., age 24, of Denver, Colorado, admits breaking into NASA computer systems at the Marshall Space flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. In a plea bargain, Wittman pleads guilty to a single count of altering information (a password) inside a federal computer. In exchange for the plea, federal prosecutors dropped six similar counts. Wittman told US District Judge Sherman Finesilver that it took him about one and a half to two hours on a personal computer using Telnet via telephone lines in his apartment to tap into the space agency’s restricted files. It took NASA investigators nearly three hundred hours to track down Wittman and an additional one hundred hours to rewrite the software to prevent a recurrence of the break-in. Wittman broke into 118 systems within the NASA network and acquired super user status, allowing him to review the files and electronic mail of other users. Wittman admitted to the judge that he had little in the way of a computer education, stating that he had learned most of what he knew from the hand full of books the FBI had seized from his home in the course of his arrest.

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit makes a ruling in favor of Nintendo, allowing Nintendo to sue retailers who buy unauthorized video game cartridges.

Intel Release the 90 & 100 MHz versions of the Pentium Processor.

The first photos of Pluto’s surface are released. Pluto is the only solar-system planet never visited by a spacecraft, but it is successfully photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope. The release presents the images taken in 1994 by a team of astronomers. To create a global map of the surface of Pluto, they took a total of twelve images at four distinct longitudes in the visible light spectrum and eight images in the ultraviolet spectrum. These photos cover nearly the entire surface of Pluto, taken as the planet rotates through its 6.4 day period. Pluto is revealed to be a complex object, with more large-scale contrast than any other planet, except Earth. The images also show almost a dozen distinctive albedo features, or provinces, never seen before. [1]

Epic MegaGames, Inc. announces the Jay Wilbur, the former chief executive officer of id Software, has been hired as Imperial Advisor.

For the first time ever, an internet entry wins Bob Levey’s Washington Post neologism contest. Contestants are charged with creating a new word to describe a negative reaction to Washington. Scott Burroughs’ suggestion, sqwashington, arrived just eleven minutes before an identical entry. Visit Bob Levy’s official website.

Nintendo plans to cut the price of the Nintendo 64 from US$199 to US$150 in the United States. A Japanese newspaper reports that the cuts come in response to Sony Computer Entertainment America’s (SCEA) recent PlayStation price cuts. Nintendo officials will later refuse to confirm that the cuts are in response to Sony’s cuts, however.

The website of The Jerusalem Post is hacked.

The Intel Corporation announces a plan to offer a personal computer and Internet access for free to all of its seventy thousand full-time and part-time employees as early as July 2000.

2001 ( files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Jesus Oquendo, age 27, of Queens, New York is convicted and sentenced in Manhattan federal court to twenty-seven months imprisonment on charges of computer hacking into the system of Five Partners Asset Management LLC, a venture capital company based in Manhattan, under the alias of Sil. Oquendo left a taunting message on the company’s network, Hello, I have just hacked into your system. Have a nice day.

Yahoo, Inc. warns that they expect that 2001 earnings to drop below the newly reduced estimates. They also announce that Tim Koogle, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), will step down from his position.

Nintendo Wifi Connection Network

Apple Computer announces the one millionth download of its iPhoto software.

Sony announces it will release a Linux development kit for the PlayStation 2 on May 22. The US$200 kit will include a 40GB hard drive, an Ethernet adapter, a mouse, and a keyboard. Visit the official PlayStation 2 developer’s network.

Google released a search app for Windows Phone.

At Apple’s special event in San Francisco, they announced the “3rd Generation” iPad, which will contain a retina display (4x the LED lights to produce sharper images). The new iPad will have a 2048×1536 display – which is twice the size of HDTV. $499 for 16 GB. The iPad2 would also be available at $399. The tablet will be available on March 16 2012.

Apple also announced new iPad versions of GarageBand, iMovie, and iPhoto – Part of their iLife.

Apple files a patent for the resale and transfer of used digital goods.

Vine officially bans all porn videos while artistic nudity is still acceptable.