March 8

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Joseph Priestley, having discovered oxygen, experiments with mice in his home laboratory to determine whether or not it is necessary to support life.

Computer pioneer Doug Ross demonstrates the Director tape for MIT’s Whirlwind machine. The Director, which is the predecessor of operating systems for computers, gave instructions to the 4-year-old, 4,500 vacuum tube machine.

For the release of Psycho, director Alfred Hitchcock and distributor Paramount mandate that no one will be admitted to the auditorium after the film has started so as not to spoil the suspense. This can be seen as a trigger for the practice of discrete rather than continuous performances.

The largest recovered single stony meteorite (1,774 kg) fell in Jilin, China, during a meteor shower that dropped more than four thousand kilograms of extra-terrestrial rock.

The first-ever radio episode of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, is transmitted on BBC Radio 4.

The first extraterrestrial volcanoes are discovered on Io, a satellite of Jupiter, by Voyager 1.

The Dallas Morning News prints a story entitled Pac-Man’s doing Navy duty, a syndicated article written by Bob Greene. In the article, Bob introduces Chief Petty Officer Julie Red, age 27, who had been named the best of the Navy’s 3,500 recruiters. Petty attributes her success to her tactic of hanging out in video game arcades and challenging young men to games of Pac-Man.

IBM announces the IBM Personal Computer XT. It features a Intel 8088 processor, a 10MB hard drive, eight expansion slots, serial port, 128 kB RAM, 40Kb ROM, a keyboard, and one double-sided 360 kB floppy drive. XT stands for eXtended Technology. Price: US$4995

Sierra On-Line and Broderbund Software announce their intention to merge companies. New company name is to be Sierra-Broderbund.

The nine month Akron Anomaly BBS felony court case comes to an end, with Sysop Mark Lehrer pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of Attempted Possession of Criminal Tools (his computer). Lehrer had first been charged with distribution of pornography to minors, based on the presence of adult GIFs in a non-adult section of his BBS. The Akron, Ohio police department had quickly withdrawn this case and changed the charge to distribution of child pornography, which was also never proven.

Brookhaven National Lab is hacked by Toxic ‘n Xnec.

The Patricia Seybold Group is hacked by Noid.

Rainbow Casino is hacked by seal.

The US Army 7th Brigade is hacked by Noid.

The US Army Air Defense Artillery School at Fort Bliss is hacked by Noid.

The US Army executive software systems directorate is hacked by Noid.

The United States government announces a settlement with Intel Corporation related to charges filed the previous June alleging that Intel used dominance in its chip making business to bully competitors and stifle innovation.

Apple Computer settles several lawsuits against Daewoo, Emachines, and other computer manufacturers which Apple had alleged copied the look of Apple’s iMac out of court. [1]

The Coca-Cola Company warns consumers that an Internet chain letter promising free Coke products as a reward to help build an email database is a hoax.

Dennis Moran, a 17 year old high school dropout, is arrested and charged with hacking into the website of the Los Angeles Police Department’s drug prevention program, DARE, under the alias Coolio. Moran defaced the website with pro-drug slogans and images, including one of Donald Duck with a hypodermic syringe in his arm. On March 1, 2001, he will be sentenced to nine months behind bars, during which time he is ordered to help program the jail’s computers. See a mirror of the defaced website at the website.

The Intel Corporation begins shipping very limited quantities of the one GigaHertz (GHz) (one billion cycles per second) Pentium III microprocessor.

AOL membership surpasses twenty-eight million users.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warns that organized international hacker groups, primarily in Russia and the Ukraine, have been targeting US computer systems. Their goals are to steal valuable data such as trade secrets and customer credit card numbers.

Sun Microsystems files a private antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft in US District Court in San Jose, California. The lawsuit seeks US$1 billion damages, a preliminary injunction requiring Microsoft to ship Java with Windows XP and Internet Explorer, the release of source code for Internet Explorer, and the release of interfaces between Windows and higher-level Microsoft source code.

Java 2 (v1.4.2_04) is released.

Reddit names Yishan Wong as new CEO

Netflix discontinues issuing API keys to developers. They announce the end of the developer program. Anyone with developer credentials are still active.