May 2

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A patent was issued to Rev. Hannibal Goodwin for nitrocellulose flexible film (camera film). The poorly devised patent caused a 27 year legal issue after Kodak tried to patent a similar technique two years later

General Motors technically acquired Chevrolet Motor Company. William Durant was ousted from GM in 1911 so he created Chevrolet Motor company. He used the new company to acquire controlling stake and a reverse merger was created with Durant as president. He was ousted in 1919.

The IBM Data Processing Division (DPD) introduces the IBM 604 Model 2 electronic calculating punch.

The Early Bird communications satellite goes into commercial service, transmitting the first transatlantic television program, “Out of this World,” to over three hundred million viewers in nine countries.

Microsoft introduces the Microsoft Mouse for IBM and IBM-compatible personal computers. The device features two buttons and is specifically designed to operated with its new Microsoft Word wordprocessor. Though Microsoft will manufacture nearly one hundred thousand units of the device, the company will only sell five thousand before introducing a second, more popular version of the device in 1985.

Microsoft releases the Microsoft Word wordprocessor for personal computers. Visit the official Word processor. Price: US$229

At The Pierre Hotel in New York City“>New York City, Microsoft introduces the Excel spreadsheet application for the Macintosh.

3DO demonstrates the M2 3-D technology of its Interactive Multiplayer video game system.

President William Jefferson Clinton announced the United States government will shut off selective access to the GPS system, giving companies the ability to add GPS into devices such as smartphones.

Intel releases the 3600MHz Pentium D 960 processor, featuring a dual 2,048KB Level-2 Cache and a 800MHz Front-Side Bus. Price: US$530

Facebook shuts down the “Keep the Isle of Man white and free from foreigners” fan Group.

RoboBee becomes the smallest man-made robot capable of flight

Intel elects American Brian Krzanich as CEO

Yahoo acquires to-do list Astrid

Blockbuster on demand app is released for iOS