May 20

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The Convention du Metre was signed in Paris, France. 17 nations established the International bureau of weights and measures.

The Kenetoscope was first demonstrated at Edison’s laboratory.

Amelia Earhart takes off from Newfoundland.[1]

The first patent for a satellite was obtained by Robert Baumann. The patent had a stipulation which the US government could use the technology without paying royalties.

Apple Computer contracts with Quantum Computer Services to create AppleLink – Personal Edition. The price is US$6-15 per hour, US$35 for software and the first year’s subscription, and US$35 per year for the following years.

Judge Robert Aguilor agrees to split the Apple Computer vs. Microsoft case into two separate phases, to decide if Microsoft had been licensed to use Macintosh features in Windows 2.03, and, if necesssary, to determine if Microsoft had violated Apple’s copyrights.

The Hubble Space Telescope sends its first photograph from space, an image of a double star 1,260 light years away. Visit the official Hubble website.

Intel announces availability of the Pentium processor. Prices: US$878 (60MHz) and US$965 (66MHz)

Microsoft Corp. and Intuit Inc. announce that they have agreed to terminate their planned merger after the United States Department of Justice began an investigation of whether or not the move would give Microsoft too much dominance in the personal finance software market. Microsoft pays Intuit US$46.25 million in compensation for terminating the deal. Microsoft had originally agreed to acquire Intuit in October 1994 in a deal worth approximately US$2 billion.

Apple Computer Inc. joins the Network Computer Coalition.

Centaur Technology shows first samples of its IDT-C6 Pentium-class microprocessor.

Apple Computer, Inc. releases the iBook G3 Mid 2002, available at 600 or 700MHz, featuring ATI Mobility Radeon 16M VRAM, 14 inch Active-matrix TFT Display, and the Mac OS X 10.1 operating system.

The first picture of Titan with better resolution than any Earth based observation is released. It was taken May 5 from a distance of 29.3 million kilometers (18.2 million miles).

The Consumer Product Safety Commission orders a recall of some Apple PowerBook G4 batteries. The official CPSC recall notice states that an internal short can cause the battery cells to overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless they have been otherwise instructed. The defective batteries can be returned to Apple for replacement. Approximately 128,000 defective units were sold.

Virgin America enables GoGo Inflight internet on all their airplanes\

Craigslist sues South Carolina attorney general over the verbal attacks made on the site due to the Adult nature.

Google deploys their Street View trikes to cover terrain cars cannot travel on.

A jury rules in favor of i4i – a Toronto based company – about patent infringements in Microsoft Word over XML tagging. Microsoft is ordered to pay $200 million.

Google scraps their newspaper scanning project.

Yahoo acquires Tumblr for 1.1 billion. Says nothing will change, including Tumblr’s porn section