May 30

This list was created with hours upon hours of research and dedication. Thank you.

The first daily paper in the US, The Pennsylvania Evening Post, is first published by Benjamin Towne in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Thomas Edison is granted three patents for “an Improvement in Duplex Telegraphs” which allows a transmitted signal be sent over the same wire as incoming signals. (US No. 178,221, -2, -3)

English chemist Morris William Travers discovers the element Krypton. He names the element after the Greek word meaning “hidden.”

NASA launches ATS-6, the first direct broadcasting satellite.

Video game publisher Capcom is founded as Japan Capsule Computers. By 2008, Capcom will be one of the fifty largest software companies in the world.

North American Philips Company introduces the compact disc video (CD-V) format. The CD-V discs use the same full motion video system as the earlier LaserVision technology but with higher picture quality and additional space for CD digital audio. They will be marketed as “CD’s with pictures,” and most titles released on the format will be music rather than movies. Despite the superior audio and video quality of the format, it will never be commercially successful, largely because its discs require a special CD-V drive.

Microsoft releases its Windows NT 3.51 operating system. The system is the first Windows system for PowerPC architecture.

Cyrix releases the Cyrix 6×86MX processor. Code-name: M2 Price: US$190 – US$320 in 1000-unit quantities

Lotus Development releases version 4.5 of the SmartSuite office suite, featuring Lotus 1-2-3, Freelance Graphics, Approach, Organizer, ScreenCam, Word Pro 97. Price: US$399 or US$149 (upgrade)

Palm grants 3Com a license for the Palm handheld operating system.

Turbolinux releases the Turbolinux Operating System 7 for the Intel Itanium processor.

Astronomers from the California Institute of Technology and the Astronomical Observatory of Strasbourg announced that the Andromeda galaxy is three times larger than previously guessed.

The CBS Corporation acquires, the online music service that allows fans with similar tastes to connect, for US$280 million in an attempt to reach younger demographics.

Sweden becomes the second country to open an embassy in the Second Life virtual world, following Maldives by just eight days. Run by the Swedish Institute, the embassy is established to promote Sweden’s culture and bolster its image among non-residents.

Mozilla declares a Download Day with the intention to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours with its Firefox 3 launch on June 17, 2008.

Federal Trade Commission has given approval to Carl Icahn’s and his efforts to accumulate Yahoo holdings for the upcoming proxy fight.

Stanford University unveils the zinc-air battery. This is a more energy efficient battery than lithium-ion

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University invent a graphene-based sensor – 1,000 times more sensitive to light than traditional CMOS or CCD sensors

Tarder Sauce – aka Grumpy Cat – will star in a feature length movie by Broken Road Productions.

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