May 8

This list was created with hours upon hours of research and dedication. Thank you.

Kaypro introduces a slimmed-down version of its Kaypro 2861 computer, compatible with the IBM AT. Price: US$2995

Apple Computer introduces the PowerBook 2400c notebook computer, featuring a 180 MHz PowerPC 603e processor, a 1.3 GB hard drive, a 10.4-inch active-matrix color display, two PC Card slots. The system will be available at the end of May in Japan and the end of July in the US. Price: Estimated at about US$3500 Weight: 4.4 pounds

Bell Canada and Telus are authorized by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission to conduct two-year experiments delivering telecommunications and broadcasting services over specially-built digital networks. Bell Canada’s system connects to 3,500 homes in London, Ontario and Repentigny, Quebec, while the Telus connects to 2,000 subscribers in Calgary and 1,400 subscribers in Edmonton.

The Sadmind worm spreads by exploiting holes in both Sun Microsystem’s Solaris (Security Bulletin 00191) and Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (MS00-078).

JavE 6.0 Milestone 5 is released. JavE stands for Java Ascii Versatile Editor. As the name suggests it is a GUI tool written in Java for drawing ASCII art.

At a press conference in Los Angeles before the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Sony announces the PlayStation 3 featuring a motion-sensing Bluetooth wireless controller, Wi-Fi wireless, and HDMI video output. The system is scheduled for a November 11th release in Japan and a November 17th release in the US. Price: US$499 with a 20GB hard drive, US$599 with a 60GB hard drive.

The lawsuit brought by Apple Corps against Apple Inc. in September 2003 in the UK for introducing the iTunes Music Store and the iPod, which Apple Corps believes is a violation of the previous agreement by Apple Computer not to distribute music, ends with a victory for Apple Computer.

PureBasic v4.00 for Windows is released to the general public. This version brought a new maturity to the language by adding much-requested features such as: Colors for all gadgets, faster file operations due to buffering, Unicode support, UDP network support, unlimited-length strings, fixed-length strings, thread-safety, ‘EnableExplicit’ command to prevent mistyped variable names, new data types of Characters/Doubles/Quads, Xor and Not operators, macros, multiple ‘Case’ selection (eg. 1 To 5), a new ‘Process’ library for manipulating system processes, and an updated OGRE game engine.

Yahoo revamps it’s search engine while testing a new item – Glu Pages

MySpace announces Data Availability – a way for members to share with Flickr, Yahoo, ebay and Photobucket

Cars running on Sugar and Tequilla is what the headline read – E-Fuel announced a ethonal solution you could set up in your backyard using consumer items as BioFuel

Citrix releases XenServer 5.5 for Virtualization management

In order to Block the Acquisition, certain SUN shareholders put together a lawsuit.