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Commodore Amiga CD32

Commodore Amiga CD32

Get this – our friends at IEEE are giving away an XBox One for checking out their history timeline! Of course, gaming consoles are a part of technology history, so this timeline is an awesome way to get a more in-depth view into gaming history!

And you can win an XBox One. Here’s how your do it (Contest is over)…

From now until July 26th, simply head over to IEEE via this link, review the timeline and take the survey. Make sure you give them your email to be entered into the contest. Go back and learn even more about gaming history. Tweet or Facebook out your favorite parts so others can check out this interactive timeline!



Find out about things like the Commodore CDTV, SEGA SG-1000, Apple Pippin, and more. scroll back and forth through the timeline to find out when each console was made. Get photos, facts and more about each system.

Remember – Contest ends July 26th, Drawing on July 27th – so check out the timeline now!

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Jeffrey Powers @geekazine

I love tech history. I enjoy how we evolved from computers that fill a room to computers we wear on our bodies. I have put a full archive of tech history together at Wikazine. You can also talk history at Google +. I am also a podcaster and V-caster at Geekazine and a Podcast Coach at How to Record Podcasts. You can also sign up for a Helpout

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