Technology History PreCap for October 10-16th

Day in Tech History LogoThis week:

  • October 10: Pac Man hits arcades
  • October 11: Visicalc is released
  • October 12: NeXT debuts
  • October 13: Grenwich mean time
  • October 14: Ebay acquired Skype
  • October 15: IBM announces Token Ring
  • October 16: Web Copyright Law signed in US.
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Jeffrey Powers @geekazine

I love tech history. I enjoy how we evolved from computers that fill a room to computers we wear on our bodies. I have put a full archive of tech history together at Wikazine. You can also talk history at Google +. I am also a podcaster and V-caster at Geekazine and a Podcast Coach at How to Record Podcasts. You can also sign up for a Helpout

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