July 8, 2007: The Big DNS Flaw, 1881 Ice Cream Sundae Created

Dan Kaminsky
July 8, 2007: A major DNS patch was released after a bug Dan Kaminsky found

In 2007, developer Dan Kaminsky found a flaw in the addressing of the Domain Name System, or DNS. DNS is found on home to commercial routers around the world. The issue was so severe, that they were not divulging the issue until a patch could be implemented on a wide scale. On March 31st, Kaminsky – along with 16 other developers – gathered at Microsoft to work on a massive patch and synchronize the release so all details could be released as well. The Patch was released in July 8th, 2008. For more information, see the Explaination of the DNS Flaw

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  • The first ice cream sundae!

In 1881, a man walked into Edward Berner’s drug store in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Since it was the Sabbath, the customer couldn’t have the flavored soda water for religious reasons. As he sat at the soda fountain counter, Berner comes to a compromise. Berner put ice cream in a dish and poured chocolate syrup on top. They then named it Ice Cream Sunday. The name will become “Sundae”, the next day.