April 22, 1993: Mosaic Browser

Mosaic Web Browser
April 22, 1993: Mosaic Web Browser was released

1993 – The National Center for Supercomputing Applications releases version 1.0 (RTM) of the Mosaic Web Browser. It was the first browser with a Graphical user interface for content. Marc Andreesen and Jim Clark were the lead developers. The browser would take the internet by storm and continue to lead until 1998 when IE and Netscape came on the scene.

Mosaic was originally released in Beta (0.1) on January 23, 1993 – as a post in the newsgroup indicate**

Here is the official RTM thread

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**Date: Sat, 23 Jan 93 07:21:17 -0800

From: ma…@ncsa.uiuc.edu (Marc Andreessen)

By the power vested in me by nobody in particular, alpha/beta version
0.5 of NCSA’s Motif-based networked information systems and World
WidWeb browser, X Mosaic, is hereby released:

location removed

This release of X Mosaic is known to compile on the following

SGI (IRIX 4.0.2)
IBM (AIX 3.2)
Sun 4 (SunOS 4.1.2 with stock X11R4 and Motif 1.1).

Binaries for these platforms are available on ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu in
/Web/xmosaic/binaries-0.5. More binaries will be supplied as I am
able to find other Motif-configured platforms to use (DEC MIPS
probably within the next half hour).

Although this is alpha/beta software, I’m looking more for feedback on design and functionality than bug reports right now — down the road
the bulk of the program will be rewritten in C++ anyway, so don’t
take the current code too seriously. But bug reports are welcome too.
New releases will probably come out about every 7-14 days until 1.0

A list of current and future capabilities of X Mosaic follows this


Marc Andreessen
Software Development Group
National Center for Supercomputing Applications