June 1, 2009: Psion, Intel – Settle Issues on Netbook


June 1, 2009: Psion Released Netbook trademark

2009 – Back in 1996, Psion trademarked the term “Netbook” to reflect a line of sub-notebook computers. Equipped with a StrongARM processor, the netbook debuted in 1999. However, Psion decided to shelve the device after the 2003 version (Netbook Pro) didn’t meet expectation. Therefore, when Intel decided to dub the term “Netbook”, Psion brought forward the trademark. However, after weighing in on options, Psion decided to drop the case and let Intel use the netbook name.

Full Day in Tech History podcast show notes forĀ June 1

  • Steve Jobs becomes the major apple shareholder with 1.5 million
  • MN city makes Google remove Street view pictures
  • The first batch of Scotch Whiskey is made by Friar John Cor
  • Google Launches Google+ Local

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