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K.C. Munchkin 0

March 3, 1982: Pac-Man vs. K.C. Munchkin for Odyssey2

1982 – a popular game for the Odyssey2 system was called K.C. Munchkin. However, this game looked a little too much like Pac-Man. A Federal court in Chicago, IL. agreed. They ordered Philips Consumer Electronics to take the game off store shelves. A sequal was released called Crazy Chase, which was a game that mocked the legal battle of the Pac-Mac – K.C. Munchkin. Of course that game was very close to Centipede, which could have caused a new legal issue altogether. Wikazine – Full show notes for March 3 Unix Timestamp hits 9 decimal places Rodney King beating caught on tape...


Infographic: 11 Facts of Pac Man

Back in 1980, Pac Man graced the geek population. I remember spending many a quarter on munching dots, solving mazes and beating ghosts. But did you know the ghosts had their own agenda? Did you know that it was suppose to be Puck Man? This infographic will show you 11 things you might not know about the iconic game. Pac-Man was created by Toru Iwatani to pick up girls Each Ghost has its own marching orders The Japanese version translates to Puck-Man (Munch-Man) Pac-Man Released in Japan on May 22, 1980. It released in the US October 1980 The president...