April 2, 1987: The IBM PS/2 Released

April 2, 1987: IBM PS/2 released

1987 – IBM releases a flurry of new items on this day. The most notable was the IBM PS/2 – Their first 80386 system using a 3.5 floppy (720kb or 1.44 MB discs), MFM hard drive, PC-DOS and OS/2. Multiple models were released, including the Model 60 (10 MHz 286 processor) and Model 80 ( 20 MHz 386 processor). Hard drives went up to 115 MB and would cost you $6,995 for the basic model, to $10,995.

IBM also introduced the VGA in Model 50, the Multicolor Graphics Array (MCGA), high resolution graphics card for up to 1024×768 in 256 colors – Called the 8514/A and it’s Micro Channel Archetecture (MCA). IBM released PC-DOS 3.3 and their Operating System of OS/2.

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